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PWC Lift Features

Specs - Warranty

When your PWC isn't out, put it safely up and out of the water on a PWC hoist from ShoreStation. Available in our choice of:
* Aluminum or Steel
* Single or Double
* Dock Mount or Free-standing

Aluminum & Galvanized Steel Construction
The right combination for a lightweight, yet durable, low maintenance hoist with the added strength of steel where it's needed most.

Galvanized or Plated Hardware
Longer lasting to retain looks and smooth operating features.

Nylon Pad and Pulley Placement
Corrosion resistant,, minimal wear on moving parts and increased durability.

Extra-long, Fully-carpeted Bunks
Superior support and protection as well good looks.

Designed Exclusively for PWC's
Length and adjustability are specifically designed to fit PWC hulls currently on the market to assure proper support.

Brake Winch
Smooth operating and allows for exact positioning of hoist platform either up or down.

Handsome Winch Cover
Rounds out the good looks of the total package and protects, otherwise exposed winch from the elements. On SS650 & SS6501.

PWC Hoist Accessories
SS8522 - Aluminum guide posts for the front corners of your SS852 Hoist. Lets you accurately sight-in and center your PWC on the hoist.
SS8523 - Telescopes inside your SS8522 (above), giving you the flexibility of adjustable base pads on all four corners.

A canopy for your SS852 with SS8522 option, SS8521 or your SSD8521
Add a protective and attractive canopy to your PWC hoist. Standard color is gray, but available in several other colors.

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