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Brock Dock® - What Makes Us Better?

“You will never go back to wood”™

When engineering our dock product line, we took into account the various demands you would put it through. Our goal was a product that solved your problems without introducing new ones. Three areas of expertise make Brock Dock the best solution for your dock maintenance problems.

Engineering Excellence

  • Single-piece plank design - No vinyl against vinyl to squeak.
  • Clip-Strip connection system - No exposed fasteners to lift or rust. Premium vinyl formulation
  • 100% virgin vinyl - No inferior or incompatible ingredients to affect the quality.
  • 12 parts per 100 of titanium dioxide - No sun damage or unsightly color changes.

Manufacturing Superiority

  • Modern, state-of-the-art facility - No inconsistent or outdated equipment.
  • Heavy-duty solid wall - No thin exterior layer to damage and expose lesser quality inner layers.

Walk the Plank
Your first walk across a Brock Dock will convince you! Its unique design is exceptionally strong. The base legs are constructed to snap firmly into the connectors while allowing for the normal expansion and contraction properties of vinyl.

Holding it all Together
Royal Crown's patented Clip-Strip system holds the vinyl planks to the substructure. We must admit it took some real world testing and engineering genius to perfect it. With the most stable and secure connecting method in the industry, we have also eliminated the notorious vinyl on vinyl squeaking problems found with competitive products.

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