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Aluminum Boat Lift Warranty

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Midwest offers a 2/10 - year hoist protection warranty for both the Aluminum and Hydraulic Boat Hoists.

Your ShoreStation® Hoist Limited Warranties

During the terms of the Limited Warranties on your aluminum ShoreStation hoist, Midwest Industries, Inc. (hereafter referred to as "Midwest") covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair or replace any Midwest supplied item that proves defective in material, workmanship or factory preparation. These repairs or replacements (parts and labor) will be made by your dealer at no charge using new or remanufactured parts.

Your Legal Rights Under Midwest’s Limited Warranties

All of the Midwest Limited Warranties stated in this booklet are the only express written warranties made by Midwest applicable to the aluminum ShoreStation hoist. These Limited Warranties give you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. You may have some implied warranties, depending on the state in which your aluminum hoist is registered.

For example, you may have:

1. An "implied warranty of merchant-ability" (that your hoist is reasonably fit for the general purpose for which it was sold);
2. An "implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose," (that your hoist is suitable for your special purposes; if your special purposes were specifically disclosed to Midwest itself - not merely to the distributor or dealer - prior to purchase.)

These implied warranties are limited, to the extent allowed by law, to the time period covered by the written warranties set forth in this publication. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

This Warranty is extended only to the first buyer/owner of the hoist. This is defined as the first legal owner of a Midwest aluminum ShoreStation other than an authorized Distributor or Dealer who has bought the hoist from Midwest for resale to the public.

This warranty does not cover alteration of the aluminum ShoreStation hoist, or failure of hoist components caused by such alteration.

Midwest and its distributors/dealers reserve the right to make changes in aluminum ShoreStation hoists built and/or sold by them at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes on hoists previously built and/or sold by them.

Your 2-Year Basic Limited Warranty

The 2-Year "Basic Warranty" covers every Midwest supplied part on your aluminum ShoreStation hoist and aluminum canopy support frame.

The "Basic Warranty" begins on your hoist’s Warranty Start Date. The Warranty Start Date is the earlier of (1) the date you take delivery of your new aluminum ShoreStation hoist, OR (2) the date the hoist was first put into service (for example, as a dealer "demo" or as a Midwest company hoist). The "Basic Warranty" lasts for 2 years (24 months) from this date.

The "Basic Warranty" covers the cost of all parts and labor needed to repair any item on your aluminum ShoreStation hoist that is defective in material, workmanship or factory preparation. You pay nothing for these repairs.


* paint and/or finish
* vinyl canopy covers

Your 10-Year Fabricated Frame & Extrusion Warranty

The "Frame and Extrusion Warranty" covers these parts and components of your aluminum ShoreStation hoist frame for 10 years counted from your hoist’s Warranty Start Date:

Extruded Aluminum:
guide post tube, corner post tube, guide post mounting extrusion, winch mounting plate, winch post tube, winch post plate, winch post mounting extrusion, adjustable leg tube, lower side frame tube, lower frame corner bracket, lower frame tube, lower cross-member tube, side frame tube, platform crossmember tube, platform rail, platform channel, platform "I" beam, dock mounting angle, frame spacer tube, lower frame clamp, lower corner block, bottom clamp cap, top rail tube clamp, winch tube clamp, guide post brace tube, winch tube, winch tube mounting bracket, winch post plate, platform spacer tube, platform "I" beam tube, flange tube, canopy sideframe tube, canopy hoops, canopy legs, winch post canopy leg and hood tube.

lift wheel, winch case, "V" frame weldment tube, cradle tube weldment, platform tube weldment, lift arm angle.

What your Midwest Limited Warranties Do Not Cover

Vinyl canopy covers are covered by a 1-Year Limited Warranty by the material manufacturer.

Your Midwest Limited Warranties do not cover the costs of repairing damage caused by environmental factors or acts of God. "Environmental factors" include such things as airborne fallout, chemicals, tree sap, salt, ocean spray, water hazards. "Acts of God" include such things as hailstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, sandstorms, lightning, floods and earthquakes.

Your Midwest Limited Warranties do not cover the costs of repairing damage caused by poor or improper maintenance.

Your Midwest Limited Warranties do not cover the costs of normal/scheduled maintenance of your aluminum ShoreStation hoist. They do not cover the cost of lubrication, replacing chains, cables, fasteners unless done as the result of a repair covered by your 2-Year "Basic Warranty".

Your Midwest Limited Warranties do not cover the costs of repairing damage or conditions caused by fire or accident; by abuse or negligence; by misuse; by tampering with parts; by improper adjustment or alteration; or by any changes made to your aluminum ShoreStation hoist that do not comply with Midwest specifications.

Your Midwest Limited Warranties do not cover the cost of adding anything to your aluminum ShoreStation hoist once it is delivered to you, even if parts, components or modifications are changed or added as a production change on other hoists produced after your hoist was built.

Your Midwest Limited Warranties do not cover any "incidental or consequential" damages connected with the failure of your aluminum ShoreStation hoist under warranty. Such damages include: lost time, inconvenience; the loss of the use of your aluminum ShoreStation hoist; the cost of rental hoist or slip; gasoline, telephone, travel or lodging; the loss of personal or commercial property; the loss of revenue, etc. NOTE: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.

How To Get Warranty Service for Your Hoist

Please contact the dealer from whom you bought the hoist for warranty service. When contacting your dealer, please provide them with your hoist’s model number, hoist identification number, date of purchase and the nature of the problem. If contact with the dealer is not feasible, please contact Midwest Industries for further assistance.

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