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Aluminum Boat Lift Features

Specs - Warranty

1. Aluminum & Galvanized Steel Construction

The lasting durability of aluminum combined with the added strength of galvanized steel in critical areas. The result is a lightweight hoist that can be installed or removed by hand.

2. Aluminum Extrusions

In addition to their environmental endurance, extrusions eliminate the need for aluminum welds while adding to the stability and strength of the hoist.

3. Specially Designed Platform

The "V" shape of the platform allows for operation in shallower waters and provides more positive centering. It is raised and lowered vertically to eliminate torque that would fatigue and weaken the hoist. In the "up" position, there are no moving parts left in the water which minimizes corrosion.

4. Four-corner Adjustabilty

Keep the lift platform level while conforming to the contours of an uneven lakebed.

5. Full-length, Carpeted Bunk Supports

Fully-carpeted to protect the hull surface and positioned to keep the boat centered during loading and launching.

6. Cushioned Motor Stop

For an added measure of safety and perfect positioning time after time.

7. Durable Component Parts

From the stainless steel pin and brass bushings in platform pulleys to the stainless steel platform cables, everything is designed for years of dependable service.

8. Adjustable Winch Tube

The winch tube can be adjusted up or down to just the right height so you don't have to climb over it to enter the boat.

9. Wheel Lock

This NEW spring-activated mechanism prevents the platform from being raised too high.

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