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Aluminum Dock

Aluminum Docks with Vinyl Decking

“Where dock business is our only business!”

Our Vinyl Removable Panels are made at our facility here in Crosslake. The Brock Dock vinyl is available in either tan or gray. Each aluminum framework utilizes two 4' x 5' removable panels containing aluminum ribs in which the vinyl is attached with no visible fasteners. Brock offers exceptional warranties on this top quality vinyl. This very well could be the last dock you EVER have to purchase!

Our complete dock sections include quality construction, 1-1/4" tubing, zinc-chromate corner brackets, aluminum dock castings, cast-aluminum dock bases, and rubber safety caps. Plus we offer expert installation service.

Please email call us for a custom dock configuration quote designed for your needs - 218-692-2760.


Aluminum Dock w/Vinyl Decking
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