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Waterfront Services to the Rescue!

Our experienced crew knows how to build docks, and we are still here to help after the sale. We offer a selection of expert service to help you enjoy more of your time at the lake.

- Seasonal install and removal of waterfront equipment provided in most areas of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes.
- Boat lift repair
- Canopy cleaning
- Canopy repair
- Boat lift relocation
- New dock installation

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Boat Lift Canopy Cleaning

“Where dock business is our only business!”

Waterfront Services, Inc. has been cleaning boat lift canopies professionally for a number of years. We use an environmentally safe cleaner that will not harm the vinyl or the stitching. Both sides of the canopy and all pockets, flaps, and panels are scrubbed. Canopies are then fully dried at our Crosslake facility

Please be advised that most dirt and mildew stains are removable. However, stains such as rust stains, aluminum stains, some mildew stains, and stains from leaves in most cases are not removable.

In most instances, if canopies are cleaned on an annual basis, they can maintain their “new” look for many, many years.

Standard size (24' x 108") canopy cleaning starts at $100 and the price goes up based upon size. Please feel free to call or email for a quote.

*The $100 and up price is our standard rate for fall cleaning. Prices for cleaning performed during March through August will be higher.



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