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Boat Lift Canopy Repair

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After a number of years (between 3-7), a boat lift canopy’s material begins to shrink in size. When this happens, it begins to fit extremely tight on your canopy framework. In addition, your canopy’s seams begin to “let go” – ripping apart at the seams.

When Waterfront Services, Inc. repairs canopies, all panels and pocket seams are reinforced and a 6-inch extension can also added.

This canopy repair service is guaranteed for three years; but should provide you with an additional 4 – 6 years of use.

Call for more info on canopy repair pricing - 218-692-2760.

Our experienced crew knows how to build docks and we are still here to help after the sale. We offer a selection of expert services to help you enjoy more of your time at the lake.

- Seasonal install and removal of waterfront equipment provided in most areas of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes.
- Boat lift repair
- Canopy cleaning
- Canopy repair
- Boat lift relocation
- New dock installation

Check out our complete services price list,
or call now to get more info - 218-692-2760.

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